Carrie Wilson

Carrie Wilson

I grew up and attended both elementary and high school in St. Albans, Vermont.  My husband and I attended the same high school, graduating a few years apart.  Earning a scholarship, I attended Trinity College of Vermont, majoring initially in biology.  I had big plans for dentistry!  However, I changed gears towards the middle of my sophomore year, deciding to take the education track.  I graduated from Trinity in 1998 with a double major in both Elementary Education and English Literature.  Quick fact: I graduated with Vice Principal, Jennifer Nordenson!

I interviewed at several schools upon my graduation but was captivated by the opportunity to work at a brand new Catholic school, to be opened in August of 1998.  While there was no building and no set curriculum, I felt a calling to be part of what I knew would be a very special place.  Boy, am I glad I listened to that call.  Prior to becoming the Head of School, I worked as a teacher here for nine, wonderful years.  My time in the classroom is time I will always treasure.

After a few years of teaching, I earned a Master’s degree in Education with a focus in Curriculum from St. Michael’s College.  While some people’s eyes gloss over at the mention of scope and sequence, mine light up!  I love curricular work, I love analyzing applications that work and fixing ones that don’t.  I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with the staff at the school, figuring out how best to serve the children here.  I am currently in the process of exploring universities to continue my work in education, with a focus on doctoral studies in educational leadership.  

My husband Jerry and I reside in Jericho with our two children, Liam and Molly, and our black lab, Wynn.  We love to swim, fish, and hike as a family.  My husband is an avid hunter, and I enjoy running and exercise and have completed various races!  Liam and Molly keep us very busy with their activities – whether it’s the soccer field, the ski slopes, or the pool, you can always find us cheering on our kiddos as they participate in one of their hobbies.

I love living in Vermont and feel very fortunate to be able to raise my family here.  We love the green mountains (even when they’re white!) and the close-knit community feel of Lamoille County.  



B.A. Elementary Ed. Trinity College;

B.A. English Lit., Trinity College;

M.Ed Curriculum, St. Michael’s College


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