Holly Boucher

Holly Boucher

When I was growing up, once we got into 3rd grade we were taught to play recorders. This got us ready for 4th grade when we got to try out the real deal band instruments! When my Mom said I could play an instrument, it was as if she handed me the moon! What should I choose? The shiny, sparkly new flute that’s what! I received my flute and books and started ‘honking’ away! This is also the year when my father built his new wood shop away from the house…

In High School, I was in the Winooski Valley Music Festival sitting 1st flute 2nd chair my senior year, and was given the opportunity to teach at the elementary school just down the road from Harwood Union High School teaching Flute to five eager young ladies who thought it was cool to have a ‘High School Kid’ teaching them how to play their instrument. I also took some time to start learning about the other instruments as well. I graduated from Harwood receiving the John Phillip Sousa Band Award for Music Excellence.

I was hired by the United States Air Force in 1996 and moved to Alabama. My high school sweet heart and now husband, Denis, was there as well as he was an active duty member. I was able to continue playing in small chamber groups in the area in my free time. We were then transferred to Oklahoma, and there is where I got my most memorable music education. I was looking at churches for my husband and I to attend and I found one that hit the mark spot on. They had a huge drama and music program and they also had a daycare and preschool! The minute I became a member the pastor put me in touch with the music director. The director handed me music, a uniform shirt, and said “I’ll see you tomorrow at practice!” I learned from the masters for sure! The members of the orchestra were WWII vets and Korean War vets, and they all played in swing bands during their time in service! I was truly taught how to play the trumpet, saxophone, and clarinet by those gentlemen and I am forever grateful for their teaching! Best experience ever! We played for all kinds of events, and thus giving us continued practice to get good at our instruments. I also became the Church’s Pre-School Physical Education teacher, and Co-director!

Denis and I moved back to Vermont in 2003. I worked for the State of Vermont in the Child Development Division in the Child Care Licensing Unit. Once our kids were in school, I became a co-director for the Greater Burlington YMCA and was a Before-Kindergarten and After-Kindergarten teacher and worked closely with the Elementary School where our program was housed assisting children in our care by giving them extra one on one assistance with learning (with some music education on top of that!) When we moved our children to Bishop Marshall in 2011 I took on substituting which lead to me getting my conducting certification this summer through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and officially becoming the Band Director at Bishop Marshall!

I look forward to helping your children learn and grow musically in the future!

In my free time I like to garden, sew, and hang out at the brook with my kids Rebecca and David, baking and just sitting and read a good book with a cup of tea!