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Lisa and Tim Kent – Hyde Park

“When Livia finished sixth grade in public school, we were determined to find her a place where she could be met where she is. Her experience there (except for our intermittent homeschooling and one thankfully stubborn instructor) was inadequate. Her need for more stimulation and creativity were forced into a “disability” viewpoint. She wasn’t ready to home school again, and we didn’t have any faith that public middle school would serve her any better.

The best thing we did was take All Saints Catholic Academy up on the offer of having Livia shadow a student for a day, just to check it out. With fingers crossed we dropped her off. She was so welcomed and involved that when we picked her up “it had been the best day since kindergarten.” She now had a real experience to base a decision on, rather than what she had heard. From there we enrolled her in seventh grade. The result? She loves it! She gets up in the morning wanting to go to school, and she comes home happy and talks about her day. She’s being met at her own level, without fuss or even our having to have “meetings” over it. We are delighted.

When we asked Livia why she liked All Saints Catholic Academy so much, she answered: “Because they move people ahead and everybody is kind.” Hurray for All Saints Catholic Academy! We went through a period when we were kicking ourselves about not doing this much sooner. But we let that go, because we did our best with what we knew. But if you have a child who isn’t happy or engaged enough, please check out All Saints Catholic Academy as soon as you can. Moving your child over may be just the answer to your child’s unhappiness and difficulties. We are happy to talk with any parents thinking about moving their child from public school to Bishop Marshall. That’s how much we are satisfied.”

Joe and Brooke Wright – Wolcott, VT

“As a Catholic mother with 4 children enrolled in Bishop John A. Marshall School, I am blessed with the knowledge that each of my children is recognized as a unique individual, that they are known and loved by the adults caring for them each day, and that they receive a high quality education in a safe, orderly, and Christ-centered environment.  All Saints Catholic Academy provides our family with a natural extension of our own family values: to live each day with a full recognition of and genuine gratitude for how much God dearly loves each of us.”

Ira and Katie Marvin – Hyde Park, VT

“Why did we choose All Saints Catholic Academy for our girls?  So many reasons come to mind:  the small class size, high academic standards, the ease of uniforms, a focus on the arts, real gym classes, and great families.  But, the big reason is less tangible, but frequently verified.

In December, Grace decided she wanted to give a large tub of Legos to a classmate (recently gifted to us by older cousins and much enjoyed by Ira and myself).  She was adamant about it.  I actually caught myself trying to convince her to only give him half the box!  Shame on me!  She had been more generous than I, and her act of kindness was by far my favorite Christmas gift.  We can live without the Legos, but we cannot live without those more important qualities so grounded in the All Saints Catholic Academy pre-k daily life.

School is much more than numbers and letters.  Elementary school,  especially, is a special time of emotional, social and ethical development, and we find our family values supported at Bishop Marshall.  Grace’s lessons at school focus on love, peace, and respecting self and others.  Call it what you will – the Catholic ingredient perhaps.  For our family, it is basic and human:  be kind, be gracious, be generous and enjoy life.”

Geoff and Shalagh Blanck – Waterbury, VT

“Bishop Marshall has been a wonderful choice for our daughters. We have seen a transformation in study habits and All Saints Catholic Academy has created an excitement of learning within our children. They are able to get the individual attention and extra help when they need it and the staff truly cares about every single learner. We love that our girls are learning French at such a young age and the art program is certainly a favorite. What is most satisfying about a All Saints Catholic Academy education is how there is such a focus on being good human beings and citizens to our community.”

Gary & Marliese Carlson – Morrisville

“I began teaching math for the Upper Level grades at All Saints Catholic Academy in 2013. This was a change of pace from the usual college-age classes that I typically teach. I was impressed with the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the school. After adjusting to the age difference, I have come to love the interaction with the students. The smaller class sizes allow for a more personal involvement with students and their parents.

This year our family has had the opportunity to have our eleven-year-old son, Gabe, attend All Saints Catholic Academy as a sixth grader. Gabe has always been home-schooled and we were curious to see how the transition would look as he took on a more traditional schooling environment. Although Gabe’s first few weeks were an adjustment, he has more than thrived in this setting. We believe that this thriving can be attributed to the caring and helpful nature of every one of his teachers. His classmates have included him into their group without skipping a beat. When you drive up to the school in the morning and see Carrie Wilson, and often another teacher welcoming each student, you know that this is a group of professionals who care about the lives that they are influencing each and every day. We would more than recommend All Saints Catholic Academy to anyone considering how to best serve their child’s schooling needs.”

Josh and Cari Goldstein – Wolcott, VT

“We are thrilled with the education our children receive at All Saints Catholic Academy!  We love All Saints Catholic Academy because it provides our children with amazing and unique learning experiences.  We truly appreciate the strong academic curriculum that includes character development, community building, and service.  Bishop Marshall is so much more than just a school; it is a community of individuals dedicated to our children.”

Michelle & Brian Tomlinson – Hyde Park

“Since joining the All Saints Catholic Academy community, we have felt an abundance of warmth, love, and sense of welcome. We were awestruck when on the first afternoon of school when I picked up my daughter that Mrs. Wilson knew her name and waved us goodbye. It’s such a pleasure to be greeted every morning with exuberance and a smile by the Principal and Physical Education teacher.

The first week of kindergarten was tough on Avery; new school, new friends, and a new teacher. Mrs. Piper left us feeling happy and very secure. Avery has been in such good hands and has blossomed and grown so much mentally and academically in less than one semester. We noticed Avery’s growth begin dramatically in the first month. She is so eager to learn, read, and do mathematics. She is speaking French and Spanish, practicing martial arts, and making new friendships. She is changing and All Saints Catholic Academy is empowering her to become independent in a secure, comfortable, loving environment. We have started to embrace the school’s community through Homecoming, PTO, and more and we are looking very forward to what the rest of the year will bring.

To a family considering All Saints Catholic Academy: We considered for a long time what the right fit was for us. What we have found at the school has been so much more than we expected – there is so much that comes with the decision that we didn’t realize. The amount of community that All Saints Catholic Academy offers has floored us. We feel part of a very special community with high priority on their child’s development. We have strengthened relationships and made new ones with the other families within the school. I am able to connect everyday with Mrs. Piper and ask questions about my daughter’s academics and behavior. If you are unsure if All Saints Catholic Academy is the right fit for you, ask yourself why the public school system is not the correct fit and why you are looking beyond. I’d encourage any family to look and see if Bishop Marshall fills those needs. There is financial aid help, but, I also think it’s about choices and priorities. All Saints Catholic Academy is a possibility for everyone.”




Steve and Mary Chambers, Friends of All Saints Catholic Academy

“We support Bishop Marshall because we recognize the importance of faith-based instruction in our community.  Students learn to work hard in a structured environment while respecting others, and understanding the value of Christian principles.”

Justin and Hope Schneir, Friends of All Saints Catholic Academy

“We support All Saints Catholic Academy because we believe deeply in its mission. It does far more than educate children; it unlocks their potential, teaches them how to be proud of who they are, and shows them how to love their neighbor. In short, All Saints Catholic Academy is helping make the world a better place while promoting a culture of life.”

Carl Oehrle and Mary Ellen Stocks – All Saints Catholic Academy Parents

“We are proud to support an educational institution like Bishop Marshall that truly values its children and encourages them to excel academically and build the strongest moral character possible. When it comes to giving to the school, we feel that we still have the better end of the bargain after all this terrific institution has done for our family.”

Fr. Lance W. Harlow, Friend of All Saints Catholic Academy

“I have financially supported All Saints Catholic Academy since its inception, construction phase and throughout its 15 year history because I believe strongly in its mission to promote Catholic culture through education. I greatly admire those pioneering priests and religious sisters who came to Vermont in the 19th Century to establish schools, parishes and hospitals.  As a Catholic priest, I want to share in that inheritance of faith and become a pioneer of Catholic life and culture in the 21st Century.”