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Why Give?

The All Saints Catholic Academy exists today because of a community of people who shared a dream of having a high-quality Catholic education here in the heart of Lamoille County. In 1998 the school began and in 2000 our school was built! After accomplishing that first dream, our dream is now to fulfill our mission and do everything we can to ensure that a child who wants a Bishop Marshall quality education has a chance of getting one.

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Today we have the privilege of supporting and attracting a truly special community of children and families. Last year many alumni, parents, grandparents, local businesses, and friends made gifts to All Saints Catholic Academy. Many people give as a means of giving back to a place that has given them so much. Others wish to honor a beloved faculty member, celebrate a milestone, or invest in All Saints Catholic Academy’s promising future.

Whatever the reason, your gift to All Saints Catholic Academy helps to advance the mission of the school and is a vote of confidence in the students that graduate from this institution. Your philanthropy supports student tuition assistance, faculty compensation, the arts, athletics, community service and improvements in classroom technology. Increasingly, these gifts provide the critical funds necessary to attract bright, talented and ambitious boys and girls, who will thrive here and become the citizen leaders of their generations. They, like all who came before them, are worthy of our investment.