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Affording All Saints Catholic Academy

Education is your best investment

Knowing my parents are making sacrifices to send me here influences the way I try because I know they care for me enough to spend a lot of their money to send me to a great school.  I also know that they expect me to work to the best of my abilities and All Saints Catholic Academy helps me know what I am capable of.  I definitely would not be at the academic level I am at today if my parents hadn’t sent me here and All Saints Catholic Academy hadn’t shown me my abilities to achieve academically.  – Sofia, 8th grade

Our Tuition Assistance Philosophy

All Saints Catholic Academy is committed to accepting students for admission from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Our Board of Trustees has a need-based tuition assistance policy for Kindergarten – 8th grade that allocates funds exclusively for families who need assistance to attend.  For Pre-Kindergarten, the State of Vermont’s Bright Futures program offers financial support (www.brightfutures.dcf.state.vt.us).   At All Saints Catholic Academy, we believe that an independent Catholic education is first and foremost a commitment and responsibility of the parents.  Need-based aid is defined as the difference between what it costs to attend All Saints Catholic Academy and a family’s ability to pay.  While we attempt to meet a percentage of need, no child receives a fully funded tuition.

We distribute over $100,000 annually in need-based assistance to roughly 50% of our students.  The school fundraises throughout the year to provide the tuition assistance packages that are awarded and we do not have the ability to award need-based tuition assistance to every family who qualifies.  The Tuition Assistance Committee strives to maintain a diverse community of students and looks for evidence of a family’s strong commitment to a All Saints Catholic Academy education.

The best thing we did was take All Saints Catholic Academy up on the offer of having Livia shadow a student for a day, just to check it out. With fingers crossed we dropped her off. She was so welcomed and involved that when we picked her up “it had been the best day since kindergarten.” She now had a real experience to base a decision on, rather than what she had heard. From there we enrolled her in seventh grade. The result? She loves it! She gets up in the morning wanting to go to school, and she comes home happy and talks about her day. She’s being met at her own level, without fuss or even our having to have “meetings” over it. We are delighted.”  – The Kent Family, Hyde Park


Tuition is set annually by the Board of Trustees.  They recognize the importance of trying to make a All Saints Catholic Academy education affordable at all while sustaining the needs of the school.  Full tuition for 2023 – 2024 is $8,750.  In addition to tuition assistance, All Saints Catholic Academy does offer a multi-child discount for families enrolling two or more children in the same academic year.   Families will receive $500 off tuition for the second child enrolled, $1,000 for the third child, and free tuition for the fourth child and beyond.   (Children must all be enrolled in the same academic year for multi-child discount to be granted.)

Your tuition helps cover:

  • Technology expenses
  • School supplies
  • Top-notch PE program
  • Supplies for art program
  • Science lab expenses
  • Achievement testing
  • Field trips

* There is a $50 nonrefundable application fee due at the time you apply. There is a $30 fee if applying for Tuition Assistance Program (FACTS). Should you decide to enroll, there is a one-time $150 nonrefundable registration fee and $150 nonrefundable seat deposit, which will be deducted from your tuition bill.


Tuition Assistance Timeline

Below is the timeline for the tuition assistance process.

    1. After completion of the application-and-screening process, and upon acceptance by the school, parents may apply for a tuition assistance through FACTS.
    2. Financial Committee meets periodically to review FACTS application.
    3. Awards determined and parents are notified via mail.

Guardian Angel Fund

In 2019 we began the Guardian Angel Fund thanks to an incredible donation from a donor and supporter of All Saints Catholic Academy.  This fund is specifically for families experiencing a financial burden and requires assistance beyond what our Tuition Assistance Committee can provide.  Applicants must have applied for tuition assistance, for free and reduced hot lunch, and provide volunteer hours to the school in return.

For more information about tuition assistance or the Guardian Angel Fund contact info@allsaintsvt.org


Request more information

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