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Our Community

A Close-Knit Community
Catholics or Protestants, all income ranges, All Saints Catholic Academy families have one thing in common: they are always willing to lend a helping hand. Many of our school and extracurricular activities—from the  annual art show, to Fun Day, to creative fundraisers—would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers, and new additions are welcomed with open arms.

Parents get a chance to see the students in action, and interaction, during a regular school day when they volunteer, and as many parents have told us, the joy and pride their children feel (“That’s my mom over there!”) are truly priceless.

During the school year, many such opportunities arise for parents to get more deeply involved in their children’s lives:

  • PTO meetings—help with planning school events and fundraisers
  • Fun Day—make the annual kickoff to summer break a big event for your kids
  • Home Coming—help students and alumni enjoy a day of celebration, with food, fun and fireworks
  • All Saints—escort our “little saints” to Mass
  • Art Show—assist in the yearly endeavor to beautifully showcase your children’s art work
  • Christmas Fair—help us prepare for the most-frequented holiday fair in Lamoille County
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – lend a hand making a treat for our hard working teachers

And many more fun and educational events.

Information about current events, PTO meetings and volunteer needs is usually posted in the All Saints Catholic Academy Friday Notes, as well as on the whiteboards in the hallway.

But it’s not just the parents but also the students who actively work on the All Saints Catholic Academy community spirit. Unlike in other schools, you’ll regularly see 7th and 8th graders help Pre-K and kindergarten students tie their shoes, zip their jackets, assist with homework, and many more daily activities. Thanks to the limited size of our classes, all students at All Saints Catholic Academy know each other, and older students feel flattered as the younger children look up to them as their heroes and role models.