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As part of the well-rounded education that we are proud to offer our students, choral and instrumental music is offered to all students in grades Pre-K through 8th.

Choral music is offered once a week by the very talented Mrs. Brooke Wright.  Students enjoy singing fun songs and learn how to interpret rhythms and patterns in music.  Students prepare to perform in two concerts – one at Christmastime held at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe,  and then a spring performance.  Select Upper School students even get to participate in regional music festivals.

Pre-K kids perform at their graduation

Instrumental band is offered to all grades by Mrs. Holly Boucher.  Mrs. Boucher begins offering beginning percussion to our youngest students once a week. Pre-K and Kindergarten learn how to begin to follow music playing small hand held bells.  Our first graders continue the appreciation of music learning how to play “boomwhackers”, large color coded plastic tubes banged on the floor to make a musical note.  Then, all of that learning and practice comes together when the second graders begin learning to read musical notes and play the recorder.  In third grade, students are then given the option to continue an instrument of their choice to participate in the band.  Small group and whole group lessons are conducted by Mrs. Boucher during the school day.

Our marching bands perform at Memorial Day parades in Johnson and Morrisville