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Social Responsibility

When Jesus ascended to heaven, his main message to those he left behind on Earth was simple: Take care of each other! In so many ways, our students are being taught to live that in their daily lives. In addition to the expectation of excellence in all the core subjects and arts, All Saints Catholic Academy teaches respect, compassion, social awareness, generosity, and so many other life skills to prepare them for a good life. Truly a unique institution!

In 2011, the Board of Trustees added community service to all grades within the school.  We believe that students who are aware of and learn to serve in local, Vermont wide, and global communities become better people for the experience.

Why community service?

Service to others is an important component of a Catholic education, and instilling the virtues of compassion, gratitude, and service in our children creates a life-long focus on helping others. Our Community Service Program helps students develop a social conscience. It is intended to bring the values that are taught in class to life in a hands-on experience of learning about and responding to the needs of others.



It is All Saints Catholic Academy’ goal that by requiring community service throughout the school students:

  • become aware of others less fortunate or in need, and get actively involved in helping them;
  • bring age-appropriate values and ideals to life through various experiences;
  • instill a respect for the dignity of others, regardless of their situation;
  • provide an authentic means to teach collaboration, research, public speaking/presentation, and report writing skills.

Examples of past community service projects are walking dogs or donating needed items at North Country Animal League, collecting clothing or necessary items for victims of natural disasters, selling hand made items at our Christmas craft fair and using the money to purchase toys for Vermont Children’s Hospital, participating in Operation Christmas Child, and visiting residents of a local retirement home.