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Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement
All Saints Catholic Academy educates children of all faiths to achieve academic excellence, challenging them to fully develop their God-given talents with commitment to truth, compassion, self-discipline, and love for all, in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Core Values
Core values reflect the mission of the school and provide the blueprint to carry out the important work of that mission.  Faith in God and in each other as members of His Body and thus deserving of dignity, respect, and love are hallmarks of our value base.  We value and respect the order and discipline required to provide an exciting and satisfying academic program.  We work together to become people of integrity, to show responsibility in our work, to become more aware of the needs of others, and to respond with kindness and empathy.  And, in doing so, we strive every day to deepen our relationship with Christ and with each other.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Integrity.
  2. Love, dignity, respect for God and neighbor.
  3. Awareness and response to the needs of others.
  4. Faith.
  5. Respect for order and discipline.