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Campus and Facilities


The campus at All Saints Catholic Academy is located on 50+ beautiful acres in Morrisville, Vermont.  The school is blessed to have vast areas of outdoor space, which is utilized nonstop throughout the year.  Being setback from Route 100, the entire campus has a safe buffer from the fast-moving traffic.  There are expansive fields used for a variety of sports during the fall and spring, as well as for the cross-country ski program and other activities during the winter months.  The property layout was designed in a way that focused on easy access with a circular drop-off/pickup area as well as ample parking.  The playground area is a large, open space with multiple play structures, a small field for games, and basketball court.  There is also a remarkable network of nature trails.

campus-facilties-hallwayInside the 18,000+ sq/ft building, classrooms are organized into a lower- and upper-school with each residing in its own wing of the building.  Pre-K through 4th grade live in the lower-school, while 5th through 8th reside in the upper-school.  Situated in the entryway of the building are the administrative offices and Chapel.  The Art and Music rooms are located in the lower-school wing and the French, Math, English, and Science rooms (also serving as homerooms) along with Muli-media Center, are located in the upper-school wing.  Each wing has its own restroom facilities.  In the center of the building is the multipurpose room used for Mass, lunch, and PE, as well as the kitchen, custodial room, and storage room.

campus-facilties-computerlabMany different kinds of technology are integrated throughout the building including iMac, iPad, Apple TV, SmartBoard, and eBeam and all aspects of the facilities are kept tidy and orderly.